The Salento region, also known as the heel of Italy, is situated in the southern part of Apulia, between the Ionic and Adriatic sea. This is where the “Limite dei Greci” (the Greek border) runs, a fortified road marking the southern border of Masseria Li Veli which in the past separated the land of the Longobards from the land of the Byzantines. In the I century B.C. it was the land of the Messapi, whose name meant “people between two seas”.

The climate of this area is ideal for the cultivation of the vine: the mild winter and hot and dry summer, the great temperature ranges, with the cool night breezes mitigating the heat of the day, make of this small peninsula the perfect place for the production of great wines.

The maritime climate, with scarce and irregular rains and with sea breezes which mitigate the hot summer, makes the winter milder and shortens the spring and autumn seasons. The average temperature all year round is 16-17°, with maximum temperatures reaching 38-40° and minimum 2-7°.

The soil of Masseria Li Veli is karstic, the colour reddish and sandy, permeable, rich in water from the large underground water strata present in the area which build up during the winter in the deeper layers. These conditions allow the vine roots to access water and get through the driest summers without stress. The soil, mainly calcareous and clayey with gravel and tuff, creates the ideal conditions for the cultivation of vines producing strong, generous and warm wines with broad and persistent perfumes.

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