Grappa di Aleatico Riserva


Grape variety: Aleatico pomace previously dried
Alcohol: 42%
Size: 0,500l
Origin: Puglia – Salento
Distillation: traditional artisan discontinuous method; distillation of fresh pomace with manual cutting of head and tail by the master distiller
Ageing: 18 months in barriques
Pairing: homemade chocolate pralines

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Serving temperature

15/18 °C

To be opened

During the next 20 years or more

Recommended dish

Homemade chocolate pralines

Organoleptic properties

Clear amber colour. The bouquet is reminiscent of candied orange peel, aromatic herbs, macerated wildflowers, with an unmistakable touch of bourbon vanilla and delicate spiciness. On the palate the distinctive exotic notes of cumin, fenugreek and white pepper.  Undoubtedly dry but not aggressive.


Taking a handful of the pomace after the grapes have been pressed and smelling its perfume is an indescribable sensation. The temptation to taste it is overwhelming. 

For Grappa lovers this is a gem. Aleatico pomace confers unique smooth and complex aromas. Distillation and ageing are carried out by one of the top Italian distilleries.